Concurrent Design Examples


Concurrent engineering is now a very widespread approach and its application has been extended beyond the industrial field.

The main advantages of this type of design are:

  • better integration of all process steps
  • optimisation of the final product in terms of time and costs
  • greater productivity thanks to greater integration between the design and production phases
  • The main drawbacks are the difficult applicability and the overcoming of the classic approach, which is too consolidated over time.

Currently, several companies, agencies and universities use CE. Among them can be mentioned:

European Space Agency Concurrent Design Facility Space Engineering
NASA Team X Jet Propulsion Laboratory Space Engineering
NASA Integrated Design Center (IDC), Mission Design Lab (MDL), and Instrument Design Lab (IDL) Goddard Space Flight Center Space Engineering
CNES (French Space Agency) Space Engineering
ASI (Italian Space Agency) Space Engineering
Boeing Aerospace Engineering
EADS Astrium – Satellite Design Office Space Engineering
Thales Alenia Space Space Engineering
The Aerospace Corporation Concept Design Center Aerospace Engineering
STV Incorporated Architectural Engineering
German Aerospace Center Concurrent Engineering Facility Aerospace Engineering
EPFL Space Center Space Engineering
Schlumberger Oilfield Services
Harley Davidson Motorcycles
ASML Semiconductor
Fiberthree 3D Print Filament
Scape Agency Design


Boeing 777

A famous example of Concurrent Design is the development of the Boeing 777 commercial aircraft. The plane was designed and built by geographically dispersed companies who worked entirely on a common CATIA product database without building physical mock-ups, but with digital product definitions.

Car Industry

Toyota Prius

A well-known example of the application of this method is the design of the Toyota Prius. Indeed, in order to cope with the very short time to market announced by Toyota's management, the development team integrated the production teams into its design process in order to reduce the time taken to industrialise the vehicle.


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